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In the Depth of the Forest

The Spirits wait to be heard

21/1/11 12:56 - teikku - Icons / CSI NY

Hello, I'm back~!

I croped these a long time ago, then remembered them today and did a little bit of photoshopping and tadaa! 46 ICONS. From S1 Ep05, here you go.

[17] Mac
[06] Hawkes
[12] Danny
[11] Stella


Insert punchline hereCollapse )

Oh, and these are not bases. Don't hotlink, comments are nice and enjoy!

10/6/10 16:43 - teikku - Icons / House M.D.

Here is another patch of House icons! This time, no Doctor House. For those, check my previous post here. And even though there's quite a many of Foreman, I like Chase more. ♥ Mmm, gotta make some more icons of him soon~! These are from the First season and first episode.

[03] Cameron
[13] Foreman
[05] Chase
[02] Cuddy
[03] Wilson


Where is Doctor House?Collapse )

9/6/10 17:03 - teikku - Icons / House M.D.

I made some more icons today, yay! Like Zack (♥) would say "Yeah, I'm on fire now!". These are from House M.D. Season 1 Episode 5. Only of Doctor House himself this time.

[21] House


Doctor Gregory House, I presume?Collapse )

9/6/10 11:30 - teikku - Icons / SG-1

Sooo.. It's been a couple of months since the last time I made icons. These are from Season 6 Episode 10 with Jack, Sam, Teal'c and Jonas. Enjoy!

[04] Jonas
[06] Sam
[09] Jack
[07] Teal'c


SG-1Collapse )

No hotlinking please and comments are ♥.

9/2/10 13:47 - teikku - Icons / Farscape

I'm on fire! Today I wanted to do some Farscape icons, and now there's 18 of them. From Season 3, first episode. Some of them might be a bit spoilish.

Here it goes!

[18] Misc


The IconsCollapse )

-No hotlinking!
-Comments are love ♥
-Credit teikku if you take any :3

7/2/10 17:43 - teikku - Icons / Firefly

It's been quite a while since last time, haha. I'm so hopeless sometimes. I've wanted to do something for months, and today it happened. Yes, believe it. I made these today. And I made 20! Wohoo! Mostly textless icons, which are NOT bases. Enjoy!

[01] Shepherd Book
[07] Inara
[03] Jayne
[03] Mal
[03] Simon
[03] Zoe


From Episode 5Collapse )

As always, no hotlinking! Comments are love, and please credit teikku if you take any! ♥

22/9/09 15:04 - teikku - Icons / Assasin's Creed

I haven't played the game myself,only watched someone else play it. But it looks gorgeus, so naturally I wanted to make some icons. Here they are!

[29] Assasins


29 assasins walking down the streetCollapse )

-No hotlinking!

-Comments are nice ♥
-Textless icons are not bases
-Please credit teikku if you take any!

9/9/09 15:16 - teikku - Icons / TMoHS manga

I made these a couple of months ago, but didn't have the time to post them until now. It's been a while, heh.

[07] Haruhi
[07] Kyon
[07] Yuki
[01] Kyon/Yuki


Haruhi +Collapse )

-No hotlinking!

-Comments are nice ♥
-Textless icons are not bases
-Please credit teikku (or stareyes_den)

19/5/09 14:00 - teikku - Icons / Final Fantasy IX

I made a lot of FF9 icons. A LOT. At least on my scale.

So, 36 icons of Zidane, Garnet, Freya, Amarant, Eiko, Vivi, Quina & Kuja plus other characters and creatures. I hope you enjoy~!


FinaruCollapse )

-Comments & feedback are nice ♥
-Textless icons are not bases!
-Credit is nice, use either teikku (or stareyes_den)
-No hotlinking!

24/4/09 17:05 - teikku - Icons / Suikoden V

I have some more Suikoden V icons. A lot for me, but I didn't do all of them in one day. I just wanted to post all of them at once.

So, 32 icons of Hero, Arshtat, Ernst, Georg, Raja & Zerase plus many more. ♥


The iconsCollapse )

-Comments & feedback are nice ♥
-Textless icons are not bases!
-Credit is nice, either teikku or stareyes_den
-No hotlinking, please!
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